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Short summary of the history of the Women's Refuge Association Dresden

"Wendezeit" (1989)
Women with different political, social and women specific backgrounds get together to form a women's platform. At this time of radical change the rights and problems of the women of Dresden shouldn't come off too short. Women want to put their demands forward and set them into action. On the initiative of some of the co-workers here the demand develops to create a house in Dresden as a place to protect women who are affected by violence.

May 14th, 1990
The Women's platform are applying to the Dresden Town Council for a "house for battered women".

June 28th, 1990
Decision No. 34-3-90 made by the Dresden Town Council: The Town Council reserves a suitable house as a Women's Refuge.

September 24th, 1990
At the opening event of the foundation at the town hall the rules of the Women's Refuge Dresden (R.A.) are made. The first chairwomen are elected.

April 1991
After extensive renovation the first crisis flat in Dresden is opened. The flat has room for 10 to 12 women and their children.

November 1991
The Town Council buys the future Women's Refuge from the trust.

August 1992
The Women's Refuge Dresden (R.A.) is appointed the responsibility for the rental of a second crisis flat.

November 1993
The reconstruction of the Women's Refuge is finished. Women belonging to the association start cleaning the house. Then all the women help to put the furniture together and make the rooms comfortable.

January 21st, 1994
The Lord Mayor, Dr. Wagner, hands over the first Women's Refuge to the association as an independent sponsor.

March 2000
The Women's Refuge Dresden (R.A.) is a co-initiator of the saxonian initiative opposing violence against women and children. Its aim is to create a saxonian alliance against violence. Any governmental or non-governmental organisation that works to oppose violence against women and children are to be allies. A new quality in opposing and outlawing violence against women and children is reached through networking, co-operation and professional interchange.

February 28th, 2001
The association celebrates its 10th annual anniversary. The association's work of the last 10 years is presented in a documentary.

May 2004
The Women's Refuge Dresden (R.A.) celebrates its 10th annual anniversary with a commemorative performance in the "Theater der Jungen Generation".

July 2005
Opening of the Intervention and Co-ordination Centre against Domestic Violence and Violence in Close Social Environment D.I.K.

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