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icon_telefon_klein The emergency number for women in need of help is:
0351 - 281 77 88

Women's Refuge

Consultation, Guidance, Support

Wir beraten Sie

Every woman has her own special co-worker as a contact for her personal consultation. During the consultation not only the experience with violence itself is talked about, but also financial, legal and problems concerning health are discussed. The consultation is voluntary and is always guided by the needs of the the woman, both the extent as well as the content of the consultation.

We support and help women to carry through their financial claims such as social benefits, unemployment, child benefits, pensions, grants, rent rebates and maintenance.

If necessary we accompany the women to the relevant authorities or to the police

We support them with correspondence or with getting their children admitted into a new school or kinder garden.

Follow up consultation

Wir beraten Sie

All women who leave the Women's Refuge are offered the chance to have follow up consultation. The aim of this is to help them detach from the refuge easier, to give orientation and help in the new environment. The principal of helping to help yourself is also valid here.

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