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icon_telefon_klein The emergency number for women in need of help is:
0351 - 281 77 88

Women's Refuge

Children in the Women's Refuge

Kinderzimmer Sandkasten Sandkasten

Children and teenagers come to the Women's Refuge with their mothers. They have their own social worker in the house. At the reception she introduces herself to the children and teenagers and offers them a choice to play or to talk. She gives the children information so that they can find their way around in the Women's Refuge.

The co-worker in the childrens area gives the children support when problems occur, she offers to look after the children or to help them with their homework. In the Women's Refuge seasonal festivities, birthdays, first schooldays etc. are also celebrated. Apart from that there's a choice of common activities such as: going swimming together, visiting the playground or other leisure centres.

It is important to help the children to relax and that they are given their own space in which they are allowed to be children and to have room for their worries and troubles. The co-workers in the childrens area offer help and support with finding the suitable school and kinder garden.

In the Women's Refuge there is a common playroom for all children, a room to do handicrafts, a room to do homework and in the cellar there is a wood workshop for children. It is possible to borrow games, materials for handicrafts and books. In the grounds outside the house the children are invited to play table tennis, go on the slide or in the sandpit.

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